Facilities Of International Luxury Hotels

One sector that supports tourism is the accommodation or hospitality sector. With an adequate number of hotels and excellent service, tourism in an area will continue to grow. Currently, Indonesia itself has become one of the tourist destinations with its natural and cultural wealth. It’s no wonder that many international luxury hotels have opened their branches here as lodging service providers in various cities and tourist locations. You can also play online slots at Pgsoft for entertainment while staying at international luxury hotels. 5-star hotels are now no longer difficult to find even though they are not in the capital.

For friends who are used to staying in ordinary hotels, of course you want to feel the sensation of staying at an international 5-star hotel? There are many facilities that hotel guests will be able to experience compared to ordinary hotels with lower rates.

The following are some of the facilities available in five-star hotels to pamper the guests who come:

1. Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is definitely a facility sought by star hotel guests. With a swimming pool, your stay becomes more enjoyable. Not just one but a star hotel can have several swimming pools on different sides of the hotel. Some even have a special swimming pool for children complete with water games.

2. International Restaurant

The restaurant is one of the mandatory services in a hotel. But for five-star hotels, just any restaurant is not enough. They must have a large restaurant with an international standard along with a chef who controls the food menu from several countries. This restaurant is also ready to serve delivery messages from guests for 24 hours.

3. Spa

Other luxury hotel facilities that can pamper us is a spa. We can pamper ourselves by treating our skin and body using traditional to modern ingredients. Modern spa is present in many star hotels as one of the facilities with its own service fee.

4. Fitness Center

Want to exercise but don’t want to leave the hotel? We can also use the spacious hotel environment for a morning run. If you want to exercise with heavy equipment, then we can go to the fitness center provided by the hotel. We can find a variety of fitness equipment in full without paying any more subscription fees. In addition to fitness equipment, some hotels also have exercise schedules led by experts.

5. Airport Shuttle Service

Want to stay outside the city but don’t want to rent a car as a means of transportation? We can make a hotel reservation in advance then add an airport shuttle service. That way, upon arrival at the airport, the hotel will immediately pick you up using the hotel car to be directly transferred to the hotel. In addition, for those of us who want to rent a car, the hotel also has a car rental provided for guests at a separate cost.

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With a variety of services and facilities of international standard, we will feel at home in a luxury hotel during the holidays or working out of town. But of course there is a price we have to pay and it is more expensive than staying at a regular hotel. The price for renting a star hotel room can reach 2 to 5 times the usual hotel rate, but of course the services provided are different and more satisfying. Some hotels even provide souvenirs for guests who have stayed at their hotel for free.