The Difference Between One Star Until Five Stars Hotel

The Difference Between One Star Until Five Stars HotelOften we hear the word star hotel, whether it’s a 1 star hotel to a 5 star hotel. But have you ever thought of what the function of the stars is? wait for so long. If that’s the case, you should try to sit back for a moment and take the time to listen to this article.

What is the difference between 1-star and 5-star hotels? Every 3 years, LSU Tourism gives stars to hotels in Indonesia. The hotels stars are based on service, food, type and number of rooms, facilities, cleanliness and location. The more stars, the higher the quality of the hotel. The price also follows. They get a Tourism Business Certificate after being assessed and verified.

A. 1 Star Hotel

1 Star HotelIn accordance with the number of stars, 1 star is the lowest ranking of hotels. The number of rooms is relatively the smallest among the hotel ratings on it, namely that a minimum of 15 standard rooms must be available with a minimum room area of ​​20m2.

However, for those of you who really like traveling with a limited budget, maybe a 1-star hotel is the most appropriate option.

Besides the relatively lowest price among the top hotel ratings, 1-star hotels also provide room cleaning, restaurants and breakfast. So you can still feel comfortable without spending a lot of money.

B. 2 Star Hotel

2 Star HotelFor those of you who want to feel the amenities more neat than a 1-star hotel, a 2-star hotel can be your choice. Usually located in an easily accessible location, meaning that access to the hotel location is very easy

With the condition of the building which is better maintained, clean, neat, and pollution-free location.

Compared to 1 star hotels, 2 star hotels have more rooms available and suites must also be available with a minimum of 20 standard rooms each with a minimum area of ​​22m2 and a minimum of 1 suite room with a minimum area of ​​44m2, telephone, tv also available , and air conditioning / ventilation in the rooms.

And also the availability of sports and recreation facilities, air conditioning with air conditioning in the room, bar.

C. 3 Star Hotel

3 Star HotelBased on its location, 3-star hotel is not only suitable for you who like traveling, but also for you, a businessman who is traveling on business.

3-star hotels are usually located near highways, business centers and shopping areas, and must be close to highways. With 24m2 and 48m2 standard rooms for suites, it makes most families most interested in their vacation.

In addition, you can also experience dishes above the average in the hotel restaurant and buffet breakfast for breakfast. So you can eat food that is quite luxurious with your business partner.

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D. 4 Star Hotel

4 Star HotelNow for those of you who really want to find a hotel that is not just your traveling accommodation, but also as a relaxation from routine fatigue, a 4-star hotel is the best option.

Having more complete facilities than a 3 star hotel, but with a relatively more affordable price than a 5 star hotel.

Apart from the minimum number of rooms that must be provided more than 3 star hotels, both for standard rooms and suites, 4 star hotels also provide swimming pool facilities. So you can also relax and enjoy your vacation in a 4-star hotel, as if the hotel is also your tourist attraction.

And when going to look for information on attractions around, you do not need to bother, because the staff at the 4-star hotel in addition to being professional in serving guests are also provided with information about tourism around the hotel.

E. 5 Star Hotel

5 Star HotelYou will not only be offered luxurious and complete facilities like a 4-star hotel, but you will find excellent service with multilingual capabilities at a 5-star hotel that can be felt 24 hours a day.

The number of rooms available is also a lot. In addition to providing the most spacious rooms compared to star hotels below, with an area of ​​26m2 for standard rooms and 52m2 for suites, it also contains beds and room furnishings with a high level of quality, making you comfortable.

And no need to fear starvation, the restaurant operates 24 hours, even you can ask for food delivered to the room.

7 Important Ethics when Staying at Hotels

7 Etika Penting saat Menginap di Hotel

Hotels, is a place that prioritizes privacy so you are free to do anything, sleep all day and so forth, but actually it’s still a public hotel. When leaving the room, guests will meet with hotel staff and fellow guests. For that, staying at a hotel also needs ethics. An unethical attitude can disturb the comfort of other guests and hinder the work of hotel staff. Here are seven ethics for hotel stays:

  1. Don’t Wear Hotel Slippers Out of the Room
    Many Indonesian people who stay at the hotel then move around the hotel even out of the hotel using room slippers. Besides not pleasing to the eye, actually using hotel slippers outside the room is considered rude, especially if abroad. Hotel slippers are designed thin with soft materials that are suitable for carpeting or cold tiles in the room, not for activities. Use your own slippers or shoes if you want to go outside the room.
  2. Be polite to hotel staff
    Hotel staff, especially the front desk, most often meet a variety of guests. Be professional and stay friendly to hotel staff, however tired you are when you arrive and have to check in to the hotel. A front desk staff member from Boston University’s School of Hospitality Administration said, “The more friendly the guests, the more profit they will get.”
  3. Know the Items You Can Take Home
    Find out items at the hotel that can be brought home such as slippers, shampoo, soap and toothbrush. Do not bring home objects that may not be taken home because you could be considered stealing and sanctioned by the hotel.
  4. Don’t Bring Smelling Foods
    The hotel has regulations forbidding guests to bring smelly food, for example durian. Obey these rules because in addition to being fined, the smell of these foods can disturb the comfort of other guests.
  5. Think about Room Conditions Before “Check Out”
    Indeed, because you have paid for hotel services, it means you can use hotel facilities as much as you like. However, it would be nice if the facility is maintained in a neat and undamaged condition. Disposing of trash in its place, not putting things carelessly, and not damaging the items makes it easier for the housekeeping staff who have to chase down time to clean dozens of hotel rooms.
  6. If you have to complain …
    If there is indeed an experience of not wearing while staying at the hotel, complain directly to the hotel staff with professional and unemotional. Writing the problem on social media or accommodation reviewers’ websites without giving the hotel a chance to fix your complaint can actually damage the hotel’s reputation. Unless you have complained and the condition is still not corrected by the hotel.
  7. Problem Money Tips
    Abroad, guests usually leave tips money to hotel staff, especially the house keeping department. If you want to emulate this, you can put money under the phone or add a thank you note for the house keeping officer.

4 Ways To Know That Sheets and Hotels Are Clean and Healthy

4 Ways To Know That Sheets and Hotels Are Clean and Healthy

When staying at a hotel, you definitely expect comfortable amenities, including room comfort. In addition to regular interior spaces, the objects inside must also be clean and healthy. One of these elements is the bed cover or bed provided by the hotel for your comfort during sleep. This hotel can get bed linen or bed sheets from quality hotel suppliers,

But, not all hotels clean sheets or bedding. For several reasons, such as the number of guests taking turns staying at the hotel or because of the efficiency of hotel maintenance costs. Well, you should pay more attention to the sheets or beds that are available in your hotel room. This is what you should pay attention to.

1. Is it still pure white?

The hotel chooses white to get a clean and healthy impression. Sheets or beds that are still bright white are definitely better than faded ones. If you stay at a hotel and get a bright white bed cover, the hotel takes good care of it. The hotel cleaning service has done a good job, cleaning the sheets and replacing them on time.

2. Does it look tangled?

In addition to color, also consider whether the bed covers or bed sheets are wrinkled. The process of washing and changing the sheets at the right time can prevent objects from working in order to sleep more comfortably. If you get a wrinkled blanket, immediately request a refund from the hotel. Wrinkled sheets make your sleep uncomfortable, but it also shows that the hotel is not taking care of you properly.

4 Ways To Know That Sheets and Hotels Are Clean and Healthy2

3. Are there any stains or stains on the sheets or sheets?

Clean white color will not be perfect if there are stains or patches on the bed sheet or certain beds. This could happen because the hotel is incomplete to clean and change sheets. Inaccuracies can occur if there are many hotel guests, coming and going one after another, while the cleaning department staff is limited. If you get a bed cover or bedspread that is still stained, ask for a new one immediately.

4. Is there an unpleasant odor on the sheet or lid?

You rent a hotel room for comfort, even relaxation, because you can rest comfortably. But, before entering the room, of course, hotel guests will stay in the room they are renting. It could be that hotel guests leave an unpleasant odor, such as the smell of sweat or the smell of germs that stick on the body of hotel guests.
Meanwhile, this hotel is not perfect for cleaning beds or sheets because of the large number of guests. The things that are cleaned are only the parts that are visible to the eye, without further knowing the smell of the sheets. You find a new smell when you want to lie on the sheets.

If this happens, immediately ask the hotel to replace it so that you can comfortably enjoy the facilities that you pay dearly. Or, at the very least, spend money on hotel fees, even though they are cheap, so they still deserve satisfying service from the hotel where you live.

Even when you are given bed linen or bed cover facilities that are poor or do not meet health and hygiene standards, complain immediately so that the hotel acts quickly to replace the bed or bedding in your room. Therefore, you will really enjoy the comfort when playing online gambling at and health in the hotel room you rent. ***

Female-Friendly Hospitality: How to Make Your Hotel Appeal to Women

Following the global outpoor on International Women’s day last March 8 (2019), hoteliers around the world should take some time to look into a very important market segment, the solo female traveler. Tapping into and capitalizing on new and growing niches such as solo and experience-focused travel has become a major asset for hotel manager, but also to open up new revenue streams. “Female-friendly” is one such niche, which is now experiencing considerable growth in the hospitality industry.

Women make up half the business travel sector, they are in charge of 85% of household purchasing decisions, and more female travellers are asking for a room for one. Therefore, your hotel has a lucrative opportunity if you can take advantage of this growing trend for female-focused hospitality. This of course doesn’t mean employing old stereotypes such as displaying flowers or scented candles, but rather proposing practical solutions to problems, while also ensuring that you appeal to men too.

Join me in this article as we look at how to transform your hotel into a female-friendly point of reference, to attract first-time female guests and entice them to come back for repeat stays.

How to Become a Female-Friendly Hotel


You can offer your female guests peace of mind when they arrive at what is usually for them an unfamiliar city with direct hotel transfer from the airport at night time.

This way you remove the potential worry of finding their way with luggage after dark. And after a long flight, this can be the perfect way to greet your guests and welcome them to enjoy their hospitality experience with you.


Small details are often what turn a four-star review into five, or what compels a guest to want to return. While many hotels offer generic bathroom products with little quality differentiation, you can stand head and shoulders above your competition by providing high-quality soap, shampoo, creams and more, designed specifically for women and/or girls.

You can also offer different types of products for different age groups. This includes leveraging the appeal of other niches here, such as sustainability by offering environmentally thoughtful products.


Many women and girls use devices such as hair straighteners, curlers and powerful dryers. Other often desirable items include a good iron, meditation and exercise matt, makeup, nail polish and nail polish remover. You can focus on their relaxation needs, with a selection of teas and coffees and other refreshments, as well as popular magazines and books, among other add-ons.

As an additional add-on, you can solve the problem of forgetting to pack something, which 73% of female travellers do. Offering a service to purchase or otherwise provide replacements for forgotten items is something else to consider.


You can make your female guests feel like they are in the lap of luxury with some subtle offerings. These can include thick, comfortable bathrobes and towels; pleasant aromas; extra closet space; a full-length beautifying mirror as well as night table; and modern, stylish bedding, sheets and duvets.

After all, who doesn’t want to feel pampered?


Conscious staff take care of the small details, pay attention to the unique needs of each female guest, and understand when discretion is required in order to provide the best service possible.

This extends to room location. Women are more likely to experience sleep problems than men, so a mindful exercise on your hotel’s part is to room female guests away from guests who are likelier to be noisy, and to avoid the ground floor or end of a corridor.

Otherwise, attention to food allergies or preferences, by including vegan and gluten-free options help your hotel to appeal to a wider audience.


For solo and group female guests, you can publish recommendations for activities, entertainment and so forth on your website. For a bespoke experience, your staff can also speak to your female guests directly.

This also gives you the opportunity to organize and sell solo female and group activity packages, as well as partner with local businesses, which can create a snowball business generation impact in other ways.


To make female guests feel completely safe while staying at your hotel, you can implement a series of security measures. A 24-hour manned front desk is critical. The employee on shift should always be contactable via a phone call from your guests’ rooms, although for additional peace of mind, you can offer other communication methods such as WhatsApp.

Other measures include double locks on room doors, a code at the main entrance, and room alarms.