12 Hotel Facilities That Are Usually Given For Free But Are Rarely Given To Guests

12 Hotel Facilities That Are Usually Given For Free But Are Rarely Given To Guests. What are you?

Hotels are one of the most important things to think about when you’re traveling. Hotel rooms are useful as a place to put things, rest at night or clean up after a day of traveling. in short, for travelers the hotel is like a second home.

Talking about hotels, do you know that there are actually many free additional facilities that hotels rarely write about or provide. I don’t know why these facilities were never written or given. Even though it’s not written down, we can actually get these facilities if we ask you. What are the facilities? Instead of being curious, let’s just take a look at the 12 additional free hotel facilities that ION CLUB shares below!

look at the 12 free hotel facilities
  1. First there is a welcome drink facility. There are several hotels that take the initiative to provide welcome drinks to their guests. But there are also those who won’t give if you don’t ask
  2. Free additional facilities that are quite important and rarely provided by hotels are warm towels. To get this facility, try asking. Because this facility is part of hospitality
  3. The facilities for late check out and early check in are rarely used by travelers. Even though this facility is quite profitable lo. You can try negotiating with the receptionist before booking a room
  4. Especially 4 or 5 star hotels provide free shuttles to travel to tourist destinations, airports or shopping centers. Usually this free facility has a predetermined schedule
  5. Even if you are not an artist or a politician, you can still request special treatment facilities for your room. You can ask the General Manager of the hotel directly to decorate your room with various themes
  6. Some hotels provide additional amenities as a free facility. You can get soap, toothbrush, slippers and extra blanket too. But there are also those who don’t give it, even charge the price
  7. As long as supplies last, the hotel also sometimes provides various vouchers as additional facilities. Not bad, you can get shopping vouchers, watching vouchers or just souvenirs
  8. If you have to check out early in the morning and can’t enjoy breakfast the next day, you can ask for breakfast in the box facilities to be brought
  9. Furthermore, you can get additional room key facilities without having to give a guarantee. You just have to ask the hotel waiter
  10. For those of you who have an early morning or early morning travel schedule, you can request a morning call facility or a reminder at the receptionist. This facility is very helpful
  11. Especially for those who like exploration, you can request a local map facility at the hotel. If the weather is raining, you can also get an umbrella facility at no additional cost
  12. If you are in a country that has a different electrical terminal from the Indonesian model, the hotel provides a charger or adapter facility to recharge your smartphone or laptop. All you have to do is ask

So, those are 12 free additional facilities that are not written down when you stay at the hotel. Keep in mind, don’t hesitate to ask. Because basically you are a guest. If you can, thank you, no, it’s okay. Oh yes, not all hotels provide this facility for free. All returned at the discretion of each hotel.

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