Hotels in the Airport Ion Casino Area Turns Out to Have Many Advantages!

Hotels in the Airport Area Turns Out to Have Many Advantages

When on vacation or traveling outside the city of ion casino like Surabaya, most people will usually choose a hotel near a tourist attraction or the city center. While hotels near Juanda Airport are sometimes not made a priority, because they are missed or considered more expensive.

In fact, hotels near airports offer a number of advantages that can make it easier for you during your vacation or errands, including:

Efficiency in terms of time

Have you ever arrived late because you were stuck in traffic? Or have to wait for check-in time because you arrive too early? some hotels at the airport provide check-in and check-out times for 24 hours which will make it easier for you to access your room. That way, those of you who are tired through the break can immediately rest. In addition, if the hotel is close to the airport, it will take you a long time to reach it.

Terminal shuttle service

Terminal shuttle service

Most hotels located near the airport provide additional services such as terminal shuttles. This advantage is quite advantageous for those of you who come or go from international like the sprawling Juanda. To use the service, first contact the hotel of your choice. So upon arrival at the airport, you can use it to go to or from the hotel.

cheaper accommodation

Did you know that hotel room rates in airport areas tend to be cheap entering the holiday period? Yes, these benefits will be very beneficial if you want to travel or go to Surabaya during peak seasons such as school holidays and the end or the beginning of the year. Not only that, some hotels also offer free shuttles to the city center. So, there’s nothing wrong with checking the room rate at that time.

Easy to find food and transportation

As you know the airport, the international average operates 24 hours. Around the airport there are restaurants and cafes that are also open during these operating hours, so if you want to eat in the evening or before midnight, you can stop by there. This also applies when you need transportation, because in the airport area there are usually many taxis and buses that can be accessed at any time.

Soundproof rooms

Hotel managers around the airport have estimated all the risks that will be faced when building lodging there. One of them is the noise of planes coming and going from the airport. So that guests can rest and move without being disturbed by the noise, they will design soundproof rooms by placing furniture that is considered soundless around the hotel.

So, are you still hesitant to stay at a hotel near the airport? Hopefully after reading this information, it will be easier for you to determine the type of accommodation!