Hotel maxbet check in rules beginners need to know

Hotel Check In Rules Beginners Need to Know

Some people still feel confused about the check-in rules at the hotel maxbet. Examples include identification cards to what items can be brought home.

Well, so that you don’t get additional fees or charges when checking in at the hotel. There are some basic rules that you need to know.

The reason is because the rules for checking in at the hotel are different both within the country and abroad. In general, these are the rules in hotels that you must remember.

1. Check in according to the number of guests

This is always the problem. Either because they don’t understand the rules or they don’t follow the rules on purpose.

Hotels are profit-oriented businesses. So, like it or not, as a guest you still have to obey the hotel rules even though you pay.

Check-in rules are clear. This means that guests must follow the provisions in accordance with the hotel’s rules regarding;

Number of guests staying.
Check-in and check-out times.

In conclusion, you should not bring friends or family who stay in the room if it does not match the capacity provided by the hotel.

For example, the capacity of the hotel is only for 2 people but filled by 3 people. Obviously against the rules, unless the hotel provides extra beds. That also means you have to add more costs.

Check-in rules like this are sometimes different from one hotel to another.

But, don’t try to cheat while staying abroad. Their policies are very strict especially in Singapore.

The solution, look for a hotel that does provide extra beds at affordable prices.

For families, make sure the hotel also provides clear information on the age of the children who are given free of charge with existing beds or mattresses that have been provided at no additional cost.

2. Use real identity

Use real identity

ID must be shown at check-in. Well, this original identity must have a photo so that hotel staff can also match it with the photo.

Original identity that can be used such as e-KTP, SIM, or Passport.

If you only have a temporary ID card in the form of a sheet of paper without a photo, you should also include another additional identity, the important thing is that there is a photo.

3. This is a free hotel item to take home

Who likes a collection of lotions, shampoos and hotel soaps?

These three items are indeed given as complementary or complementary items that can be used by hotel guests. So that the consumables can be taken home.

Well, here’s a list of hotel items that you can take home for free;

Shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and soap.
Toothpaste and toothbrush.
Hotel slippers.
shower caps.
Coffee, tea and sugar provided at the table.
Pens and notes.

Apart from these items, it is definitely not allowed to take it home. However, some hotels sell them as souvenirs or merchandise.

4. Make sure you understand the local rules according to the hotel location

These local rules are certainly related to the norms and culture in each region. For example, in Saudi Arabia, unmarried couples were not allowed to stay in the same room.

In Indonesia it seems quite clear. Even now, there are also several sharia hotels that have sprung up.

So, please adjust it according to your individual needs.

5. Need to give a tip?

Need to give a tip

For some hotels in the Asian region there is actually no tipping rule. however, for some hotels in Europe, America and Australia, usually guests are ethically “obliged” to give tips in return for services.

The amount also depends on each region. But there is a standard that can be used as a benchmark is between $ 1 to $ 2 US dollars.

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If it’s in rupiah, you can give a tip of between Rp. 15 thousand to Rp. 30 thousand for the bell boy who brings you suitcases from the lobby to the hotel room.