Things to Look For When Staying at 5-Star Hotels, Anti-Tacky!

Things to Look For When Staying at 5-Star Hotels

Are you curious about how it feels to stay at a five-star luxury hotel? Hotels that are subscribed to by important people, to this artist, clearly have luxury in every corner. The facilities that are served are also first class. Who knows that someday you will have the opportunity to spend the night in a hotel that costs tens of millions. In order not to be labeled tacky, make sure you pay attention to the following staying tips.

1. Dress politely and neatly

Dress politely and neatly

Reporting from, arriving at a five-star hotel is similar to meeting people for the first time. To play it safe, wear modest and neat clothes. No need to have to buy designer clothes from overseas or expensive ones. Make sure it’s polite and tidy so that it doesn’t embarrass you when the maid opens the car door for you. No less important, walk with confidence. You are one of the honored guests who can afford to stay in luxury hotels, why be so shy?

2. Learn the Table Manner

Learn the Table Manner

Five star hotels are always bundled with fine restaurants. The rows of forks and spoons, and the many types of glasses, are sometimes really daunting. Take the time to study this briefly, you can also via Youtube. Don’t hesitate to ask the waiter about the menu that is being served. It’s no secret, luxury restaurants usually use menu names that are difficult to understand. Make sure you bring formal clothes to eat here. Not a few restaurants impose formal dress rules after 6pm.

3. Know the Function of Each Towel

Know the Function of Each Towel

In a regular stay, one bath towel is provided as part of the hotel amenities. However, it is different from a five-star hotel. There will be five kinds of towels for one guest. From the smallest to clean your face, to the widest one for bathing. There are also hand towels, different from those used for drying hair. Finally, there is a bath mat, which is a towel used as a mat or footwear so that it doesn’t slip after bathing. As a rule, if you want the waiter to replace it with a new one, leave the towels on the floor.

4. Tipping Culture

Tipping Culture

The guests staying at five-star hotels were definitely not just anyone, and they were definitely rich. Because there is usually a habit of giving tips to the maids, starting from the one who opens the door, brings your things, to the maid who cleans your room. Luckily in Indonesia this culture is not as harsh as in America. However, giving a little tip will mean a lot to them, you know.

5. Find Out the Facilities Obtained

Find Out the Facilities Obtained

In accordance with the stars, the facilities obtained are clearly different from ordinary hotels. Pay attention to the booklets that are usually provided in each room. An explanation of what facilities are available for free, such as a hotel swimming pool, gym, and sauna room. Don’t hesitate to ask beforehand if you want to use one. Don’t choose the wrong choice and make you bankrupt because this does not include the free facilities provided.

6. How to Act When Meeting Artists

How to Act When Meeting Artists

The rate for a night at a five-star hotel is definitely not cheap. Most of the guests are important people such as officials or artists. Make sure you hold back if you find yourself staying at the same hotel as the celebrity you love. Greet them politely and smile. Respect their privacy by not asking for autographs or taking selfies together. Not only with artists, keep your attitude towards anyone. You won’t know who you’re dealing with. Remember again, almost everyone is important.