Things You Should Not Do When Being in a Hotel

Things You Should Not Do When Being in a HotelDid you know that staying in a hotel has an unwritten rule?Please note that there are some things that cannot be done during a hotel stay.That is because it will have problems with matters of security or comfort..

Here are 10 things you shouldn’t do while you’re in a hotel:

1. Don’t Take Home Items That Are Not Allowed

There are items that can be brought home from the hotel such as slippers, shampoo, soap or toiletries.

However, other items such as bathrobe, pillows, blankets, glasses, and many more are not allowed to take home.

If caught, guests may be fined from the hotel.

2. Breaking Goods and Not Confessing

If it does break items while staying overnight, tell the hotel.Not just a matter of fines, but broken glass is dangerous for other guests who will stay overnight because it is difficult to see by housekepping.

3. Cooking in an area that is not permitted

Many guests want to save on food costs by cooking in a hotel room.This is permissible if there is indeed a kitchen in the hotel room.If not, cooking can trigger a fire alarm.Also avoid cooking using tools that are not supposed to, such as cooking instant noodles in a teapot.

Ends the teapot is difficult to clean and smells.

4. Open the Shower Room Door When Bathing

Actually there is nothing wrong if you want to open the shower room door while showering, but it will be problematic if guests take a shower using hot water, then the steam rises to the fire alarm and triggers a fire warning.

5. Refilling Mini Bar

Some hotel guests trick the hotel by refilling liquor with soda.

If caught, the hotel will give a fine many times the usual price.

Stay In Hotel6. Sending Confidential Information via Hotel Wifi

Whether at the hotel or in other public places, never send confidential information such as accessing online bank services or shopping using a credit card from public Wifi.Because this is prone to being hacked and breaking into financial accounts.

7. Bring a Pet

Never bring pets while staying at a hotel, unless the hotel does have regulations that allow pets.Sanctions in the form of fines, expulsion, until the kitchen from the list of future guests waiting if this happens.

8. Using Decorative Pillows and Sheets

It’s no secret if pillows and decorative expressions are not routinely replaced, unless it’s really dirty and smelly.

Avoid using these two items.

9. No smoking in the room

If you are a smoker, ask for a special smoking room.If smoking in the room is not enough to smoke, the applicable fines are quite large, depending on the regulations of each country.

10. Eat Smelling Foods

Eating in a hotel room is fine, but eating smelling food is not allowed. An example is the durian fruit when playing gambling online in. Which is even prohibited from entering from the hotel lobby.

That’s the all thing you can’t do when you are in the hotel room. Hope this article can help you know more about stay in hotel.