7 Important Ethics when Staying at Hotels

7 Etika Penting saat Menginap di Hotel

Hotels, is a place that prioritizes privacy so you are free to do anything, sleep all day and so forth, but actually it’s still a public hotel. When leaving the room, guests will meet with hotel staff and fellow guests. For that, staying at a hotel also needs ethics. An unethical attitude can disturb the comfort of other guests and hinder the work of hotel staff. Here are seven ethics for hotel stays:

  1. Don’t Wear Hotel Slippers Out of the Room
    Many Indonesian people who stay at the hotel then move around the hotel even out of the hotel using room slippers. Besides not pleasing to the eye, actually using hotel slippers outside the room is considered rude, especially if abroad. Hotel slippers are designed thin with soft materials that are suitable for carpeting or cold tiles in the room, not for activities. Use your own slippers or shoes if you want to go outside the room.
  2. Be polite to hotel staff
    Hotel staff, especially the front desk, most often meet a variety of guests. Be professional and stay friendly to hotel staff, however tired you are when you arrive and have to check in to the hotel. A front desk staff member from Boston University’s School of Hospitality Administration said, “The more friendly the guests, the more profit they will get.”
  3. Know the Items You Can Take Home
    Find out items at the hotel that can be brought home such as slippers, shampoo, soap and toothbrush. Do not bring home objects that may not be taken home because you could be considered stealing and sanctioned by the hotel.
  4. Don’t Bring Smelling Foods
    The hotel has regulations forbidding guests to bring smelly food, for example durian. Obey these rules because in addition to being fined, the smell of these foods can disturb the comfort of other guests.
  5. Think about Room Conditions Before “Check Out”
    Indeed, because you have paid for hotel services, it means you can use hotel facilities as much as you like. However, it would be nice if the facility is maintained in a neat and undamaged condition. Disposing of trash in its place, not putting things carelessly, and not damaging the items makes it easier for the housekeeping staff who have to chase down time to clean dozens of hotel rooms.
  6. If you have to complain …
    If there is indeed an experience of not wearing while staying at the hotel, complain directly to the hotel staff with professional and unemotional. Writing the problem on social media or accommodation reviewers’ websites without giving the hotel a chance to fix your complaint can actually damage the hotel’s reputation. Unless you have complained and the condition is still not corrected by the hotel.
  7. Problem Money Tips
    Abroad, guests usually leave tips money to hotel staff, especially the house keeping department. If you want to emulate this, you can put money under the phone or add a thank you note for the house keeping officer.